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planting naked ladies. purnima (z9CA) October 15, 2010. Hi, If you need a well-mannered plant that shines in the shade, lady fern is for you

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Naked Ladies–Wildly Successful Plant of the Month August 03, 2011. A good time to plant naked lady bulbs is late summer, when they are most dormant.

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The Amaryllis Belladonna, otherwise known as the Belladonna Lily or Naked Lady is native to South Africa, particularly the rocky southwest region near the Cape.

History. Naked lady is native to South Africa in the fynbos plant community, which is the equivalent of California’s chaparral community. Sailors transported the

Colchicum autumnale, commonly known as autumn crocus, meadow saffron or naked lady, is an autumn-blooming flower that resembles the true crocuses, but is a member of

How to Plant a Naked Lady. If the idea of planting naked ladies in the garden makes you blush, think of Lycoris squamigera and Amayrllis belladonna by their botanical

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How to Plant Pink Lady Lily Bulbs. Amaryllis belladonna or Belladonna lily is what to ask for when looking for pink lady lily bulbs. It is also known as a naked lady

Common Name: Naked ladies Genus: Colchicum Species: autumnale Skill Level: Beginner Exposure: Full sun, Partial shade, Shade All parts of the plant are poisonous.

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The common name “naked lady” used for Amaryllis is also used for other bulbs with a The common name “naked lady” comes from the plant’s pattern of flowering when

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I purchased the naked lady plant in 1992 and planted it at my mom’s house in Pueblo, CO. Belladonna Lily, Naked Lady are deer and rodent proof.

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