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First, how old is your budgie? This often plays a role in whether or not you can tell it’s sex. If your budgie is not one year or older, you will not be able to

What are the differences between female and male budgerigar? Find the budgie chicks particularities and what is the behavior of budgie males and females

How to Identify Your Budgie’s Sex. If you just got a budgie, you may want to determine its sex. Learn which colors signify a male or female budgie. You can also watch

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Oct 24, 2011 · Budgie sex JIOC6. Subscribe Subscribed How To Sex Your Budgie/Parakeet – Duration: 4:31. Budgies playing with some new toys – Duration: 2:48.

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Oct 25, 2016 · Learn the basics of caring for budgies as pets including feeding, their cage requirements, and more!

Comprehensive information on pet budgies (parakeets) including care, taming, breeding, colors/varieties, plus lots of pictures, sound files, and more.

Adult budgies (as pictured on the are easier to sex than chicks or fledglings, but once you have worked out a few budgie sexing will begin to come more easily.

A website dedicated to the Budgerigar, also referred to as common pet parakeet and affectionately nicknamed the budgie

With regard to sexing budgies, we have often seen information being passed on that while well said with intentions, can in reality cause quite a bit of

It is usually easy to tell the sex of a budgerigar over six months old, Pet budgies have continued to make headlines all over the world for their

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